Learn 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Credit Card


There are many different issues involved in getting a credit card and many may think that it is completely useless. However, a credit card is often an acquisition that facilitates and supports the tracking of one’s own finances and has many benefits.

This article lists five reasons why acquiring a credit card is a worthwhile decision that everyone should consider.

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Possible Airport Points and Travel Insurance

Possible Airport Points and Travel Insurance

A lot of travelers should consider an airline and credit card combination card, which gives you points for every purchase you make with the card, such as buying flights, hotel reservations, or upgrading your travel class.

There may be significant differences in interest rates, annual fees, and accrual points for credit cards. It’s a good idea to compare the cards carefully before making a decision to get the most out of the airline reward points and the benefits of the card. Airport credit cards are offered by Good lender Bank, for example.

For example, multiple airlines and credit card combinations come with travel insurance, so the consumer does not have to purchase travel insurance separately.

Your credit card provides security

Your credit card provides security

Carrying large sums of cash is always risky. It is good to have some cash, but instead of larger amounts of cash, the card is a safer option to carry. In general, cash is easier to steal because it does not require you to find out the card’s PIN and it is not so easy to trace cash.

Travel insurance usually covers the contents of a lost wallet abroad, but home insurance often has a deductible of around € 100, which means that smaller amounts of cash may not be reimbursed in Finland. If your card is stolen and you report it lost or stolen, you will not have to compensate for any irregularities in Finland, even for smaller amounts.

Therefore, credit card companies provide protection against possible fraud, loss or theft even without travel or home insurance. Responsibility for card misuse usually passes immediately after the loss is reported.

However, the Customer may be liable for loss or misuse of the Card if he or she has acted negligently, handed over to a third party, or is late in making a notice of loss.

Did you know that when you buy flights with a credit card, consumer protection law protects you in the event of bankruptcy and you can claim a refund from your lender. For example, when paying by bank card or bank transfer, there is no such legal security.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

A Visa Electron or Debit card is a good payment method for casual shopping, but when online shopping, a credit card is a security feature for the customer: if the item is not delivered or is defective, you may be able to claim credit card company for failed merchandise.

Many credit cards also include product security coverage, which covers a defective product you have already purchased. However, the terms vary between card issuers.

Some online services, such as Netflix, require the customer to register with a credit card, unless the debit card has been approved for online payment. You also do not have to purchase a PayPal account for online shopping with a credit card, most websites accept the most popular credit cards as a form of payment.



When traveling abroad, you often find yourself unable to book a hotel or rent a car without a credit card. This allows the customer not to leave unpaid and, if necessary, can be billed afterwards for, for example, unpaid use of the minibar.

Did you know that a credit card in the United States is an almost indispensable tool for a successful trip, according to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. A credit card is required in the United States, especially for hotel, travel, or rental car reservations.

General flexibility for economic management


A credit card provides security when your bank account looks empty before payday, but you still need money. Most credit cards offer an average 30-day free payback period, so you can use your worry-free credit card, as long as you remember to repay the used credit before interest accrues.

Did you know that a credit card also works in places where there is no effective telecommunication connection, for example on trains and airplanes, as the credit card does not require authentication to pay, unlike Visa Electron, for example.


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