Best debt consolidation loan companies -Find out a loan debt consolidation loan

Find out a loan debt consolidation loan

Do you already have a loan for an apartment, car, household appliances and are you thinking of taking another one? Or maybe you’ve fallen into a credit loop? Repaying several loans from various financial institutions can be problematic and bad for your budget. Instead of paying off several liabilities at the same time, you can consolidate your loans and focus all your existing liabilities in one installment. What’s more – the installment of the consolidation loan may be lower than the sum of existing installments. We will help you get a loan debt consolidation loan – tailored to your situation, with a low monthly installment and an appropriate repayment period, just visit now >>>.

With us you will get a consolidation loan that will help you get straight

With us you will get a consolidation loan that will help you get straight

1 credit and 1 installment – you can finally breathe Thanks to the combination of loans, you can pay off only one lighter installment.

  • We will negotiate a new, favorable loan agreement for you
  • You will get one lower installment per month instead of several payment periods
  • You will have time to pay back the debt. The loan period is from 144 to even 180 months
  • You will gain greater control over your expenses and documentation
  • We will help you to organize your financial situation
  • We will ensure that your monthly installment will not exceed your capabilities.

A consolidation loan is an effective optimization of your financial obligations

We offer effective assistance and brokerage in obtaining consolidation. We will thoroughly analyze your financial situation, propose appropriate solutions and take care of obtaining a favorable loan. We guarantee transparent conditions of cooperation and professional advice. We are well-versed in the offers of banks and current promotions. We know all the bank’s credit guidelines. We have the knowledge and experience that help us find the best consolidation loan for you.

We will find a consolidation loan that will free you from the debt loop

We consolidate loans, account limits, credit cards and payday loans. Check our possibilities.

We consolidate loans, <a href=account limits, credit cards and payday loans. Check our possibilities.”>

  • Consolidation of payday loans
  • A cash loan
  • Business loan

We do not grant loans from our own funds. We do not mediate in obtaining short-term loans with the repayment date of the entire amount within 60 days (or shorter).

Representative example: loan amount – 60,000 PLN, commission – 5%, nominal interest rate – 5.99%, maximum Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) – 7.37%; total loan amount (without credited costs) – PLN 60,000, total loan cost – PLN 23,893 (including: commission for granting the loan PLN 3,000, interest on the loan PLN 20,893, costs of additional services PLN 0, security costs PLN 0 ), the total amount to be paid – 83,893 PLN; the commission for granting the loan is credited, nominal interest rate – 5.99%, 120 monthly installments in the amount of PLN 699.11; minimum repayment period – 4 months, maximum repayment period – up to 180 months.

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