Month: August 2019

Purchase and price security Extra Savings With Credit Cards

This guide tells you all about credit card purchase and price security. In this guide, we explain the concepts of security of purchase and price, compare security and give examples of their use. It is good to note that in addition to buying and price protection, credit cards can offer many other benefits such as […]

Cash purchase with loan

When household borrowing costs represent more than 50% of the income, it becomes difficult to predict the future or to consider the New Projects as work or a departure on vacation. In this situation, the repurchase of credit with a cash turns out to be a real boon to release resources by decreasing the loan […]

Redemption of credits better understand the role of the broker | Loan consolidation

Role of a Credit Redemption Broker Credits better understand the role of the broker Bank brokers who are intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP) that are governed by specific regulations. A regulation that requires them to be commissioned by one or more banks in the exercise of their function. In the opposite case, […]